Sol Purpose works with our partners to secure financing from investors at market rates, deliver those investors market returns, and sell energy to corporate purchasers at competitive rates. Throughout the process, we work with our partners to determine the appropriate social initiatives and non-profits in need to which Sol Purpose will dedicate profits to achieve our mission-aligned philanthropic goals.

Sol Purpose can accommodate a number of project structures with its partners to achieve these goals including:

  • Direct Power Purchasing
  • Virtual Power Purchasing
  • REC Purchasing
  • Tax Equity & Debt Investment
  • Property Leasing & Donating

For Corporate Partners, our projects:

  • Achieve market returns
  • Meet corporate sustainability and social responsibility objectives
  • Address energy management goals

For Government Partners, our projects:

  • Maximize the value of public assets
  • Save taxpayer money
  • Promote renewable energy projects
  • Fund underserved public interest programs